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Published on August 5, 2010 By OnTiptoe In Life

Another blogger, terpfan1980, recently wrote a blog comment called "Just STOP already!" about the Duggar family and how it was recently reported that they would be open to having baby number 20, if they were so blessed.  After reading one comment to that post, I wanted to comment. I wrote my comment but could not post on the article because of "auth" restrictions.  So, here's my "two cents" on the subject.

This comment brings to mind a certain saying attributed to American Indian traditions:  "Do not judge your brother until you walk a mile in his moccasins."

To the comment by Nitro Cruiser: 

To assume, based upon faulty ideals, that this family is unable to raise "well adjusted" adults only because of their large number is judgmental.  I have watch a few of the
programs that feature this family, and have read the book written by mom Duggar.  From what I have seen and read, these children are being raised to be excellent individuals.  They have servant's hearts in helping to care for one another and help their family.  Additionally, they are respected as individuals and allowed their own interests.  Each member has a clear understanding of their responsibilities to themselves and their
family and community.  The family is entirely self supporting and has never drawn any government subsidies or support.  I'm very impressed with how healthy the parents are and how well adjusted each child is.  Until you have seen them and understand their high integrity and ideals, I would not judge their effectiveness as parents.

I have seen a lot of judgments from many regarding this issue.  Either in relationship to the Duggar family or Nadia Suleman, there are many who criticize.  Which is why I say, walk a day in their shoes, then make a determination about what kind of person they might be or what may motivate them. What I find most interesting is the idea, as was stated in this article, that reproduction can or ought to be prevented when necessary and to fail to do so, when it seems the "sensible" thing to do, is considered reprehensible.  Just who decides, ultimately, about whether or not life is created by the act?  Granted, we do have various methods to prevent it, but nothing is entirely 100% effective.  Which leads me to believe that life, when it begins, is not entirely within our control. 

I happen to believe this "truth":

"For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb.

 I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Your works are wonderful, I know that full well."  Psalm 139:13-14

I trust HIM: the Creator of the Universe, to decide for me whether or not He wants to bless my life with a child.  I believe that the Duggar family does too.  Some might consider this attitude "crazy", or "immature" and others appreciate their very strong faith.  By putting their trust in HIM they consider each life created a blessing. I also believe this truth:

"In Him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will"  Ephesians 1:11

Every person is created for a purpose and a plan.  Is it up to me to thwart that plan or keep that life from being realized, if it is really meant to be?

Thank goodness we are Americans and have the freedom to have our own beliefs.  I don't believe that it is appropriate for any government to take our autonomy away or our faith in the Creator.  Nor is it appropriate for our reproductive choices, thereby affecting our future generations, to be regulated or forbidden by the government. Faulting some for deciding to accept a life they are blessed with, whether planned or not or determining that others are at fault for "taking care of it" in their own way and ending that life before it's birth is also not our choice to make.  We are given "free will" to choose, and each decision is a very personal choice, better left to each individual.  Not regulated or policed by any government or institution.

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